We are fortunate to have a diverse and skilled team of tutors working for us at Hunter Mobile Tutoring. Our tutors range from teachers through to university students. We understand that every student is unique and we will ensure we have an appropriate tutor to suit your needs. We concentrate on choosing the right team member for your family. Often we receive requests for a particular gender, ie female, or a receive requests for a young (or young at heart) tutor. Based on any requests we will make sure you are happy and confident with your private tutor.

We understand that your child’s education and safety is your highest priority. When employing all tutors we start with their technical skills. After ensuring the technical, or academic skills are appropriate we move on to communication skills. Only after we are confident with these two aspects do we then move on to checking references and performing a police background check. After this selection process we will then regular contact our new team member’s students to ensure they are 100% happy with our level of service and the performance of their tutor.

As Hunter Mobile Tutoring is more than just one person, should you ever be less than 100% happy we will organise a replacement tutor. For this reason we always encourage feedback, positive or negative. It is this feedback that ensures both the quality of our team and the support from our students.

If you feel we can assist, or alternatively would like to apply for a position as part of our team, please emailĀ enquiries@huntermobiletutoring.com.au

Student, College Student, University.

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